Bus Schedules

Have a question about transportation services or a bus schedule?

Email : [email protected]
Transportation Dispatch: 757.263.1545
After 5 p.m. dispatch for emergencies: 757.263.2949

Please note that at the beginning of the school year Transportation does experience a higher-than-normal volume of calls, but all calls will be answered.

Where is my bus stop?

Parents will now have two options to view their student transportation information.

  1. Edulog WebQuery – Summer Programs 2022

    To locate your student’s bus stop for High School or Middle School Summer School and the Elementary Summer Learning Camps please click the WebQuery link below:

    Enter your street address, student’s grade then click “Go”. On the next page select your student’s summer school. The closest bus stop to your residence, Bus number, and morning arrival time will be displayed.

    Please note that all stop times are estimates only. Times are affected by traffic conditions, the loading and unloading of students and even by the number of students riding each day. Parents should plan for a 10-minute window of time before and after the estimated stop time.

    *WebQuery IS NOT ACCURATE for any student with an I.E.P. and utilizes special transportation. Bus drivers will contact these families individually with all information regarding transportation.

  2. ParentVue/ParentVue Mobile

    Parents can use the VBCPS ParentVUE or ParentVue mobile app account to access transportation information (Bus number, Stop Location, Pickup/Dropoff time). You can access your account using the link below

  3. Edulog Parent Portal

    Our school district is excited to announce that you now have access to the Edulog Parent Portal app. In addition to providing you with planned time and location information for each student, the app also shows you the GPS location of the bus and sends you a push notification when it is nearing your bus stop. To sign up for this app please click the link below.

***Please note: All information is based upon your current transportation options selected in your ParentVue account***

Frequently asked questions

Can I request a courtesy stop?
For safety reasons, drivers are not allowed to drop off children anywhere other than their assigned stop.

Is it true that parents have to accompany their children to and from the bus stop?
To keep children safe, the division's Code of Conduct specifies that parents or their designee accompany children to and from a school bus stop.

Where is transportation provided?
Transportation is provided to elementary students who live 1 mile or farther from the school and to secondary students who live 1.5 miles from the school.

How far are bus stops?
For elementary students, stops are approximately three-tenths of a mile from the student residence. For secondary students, stops are approximately five-tenths of a mile from the student residence.

Are there certain areas where bus stops are not established?
Yes. Routes are not established on any road not maintained by the City or the State Highway Department. In addition, general education bus routes are not established within a cul-de-sac or on a dead-end roadway that will require a school bus to back up.