Screening and Identification Process

First And Fifth Grade Screening

Questions? Call (757) 263-6870All first and fifth grade VBCPS students are screened for gifted program services. Assessment specialists from the division’s Gifted Education Testing Office administer screening for first graders in October through December and for fifth graders in September or October. The gifted resource teacher (GRT) will contact parents of students scoring in the 90th percentile or higher on the screening via phone, email or letter to discuss the next step in applying for gifted programs. If you student does not score in the 90th percentile or higher, you may still complete an online application for gifted services.

If a parent wishes to proceed with the testing and application process, they must first submit the online application available at by the deadline. A teacher, peer, student response team or any person who has knowledge of the student’s abilities may also initiate an application for gifted services testing by contacting the gifted resource teacher (GRT) at the student’s neighborhood school. Students may be tested for gifted programs one time within a school year. Once a completed application has been submitted, the student’s teacher of record is contacted to submit a Teacher Information Form for the student. All students referred for testing are reviewed by the Gifted Identification and Placement Committee. Parents/guardians with questions about intellectual gifted testing should email Martha Palmer or call 757.263.6870.

Identification and Placement

Once a student has been tested, data are compiled and forwarded to an identification and placement committee that determines eligibility for gifted services. Eligibility for gifted services is determined through the review of multiple criteria, including:

  • Academic achievement
  • Achievement test scores
  • Teacher information
  • Ability test scores
  • Student interview responses (Grades 5-12)
  • 1st Grade Problem Based Task (PBT)

*Note: Parents/guardians are notified of the committee's decision by email.

Change in Program Placement

Students who are identified for gifted services retain their identification from the point of identification until graduation. Virginia Beach City Public Schools believes that students need learning experiences based on their readiness level, interest and learning profile. Parents/guardians may request that the students not take part in the gifted services that are offered. This is a school-level decision that is facilitated by the parents/guardians, teacher(s), principal and gifted resource teacher. When this occurs, parents/guardians write a letter requesting the change in service which is then placed in the student’s file. The student maintains eligibility for gifted services and can participate in activities offered by the gifted program. Gifted staff remain in contact with the student and parent/guardian.