Virginia Beach Juvenile Detention Center (VBJDC) Education Program

Juvenile Detention Center

Mission Statement

A highly effective group of educators will provide safe, innovative and individualized instruction to a unique group of students to encourage, support, inspire and prepare them as confident, successful, global citizens.

Program Description

The VBJDC Education Program is located within the Virginia Beach Juvenile Detention Center. The center is a 90 bed facility that houses both male and female students ages 10-18, who have been detained by law enforcement and/or by a court order of a judge. All students detained at VBJDC attend classes offered by the Education Program. Grades earned are transferred to the student’s home school once the student is released from the detention facility.

Student Enrollment/ Discharge

Students attending the VBJDC Education Program are enrolled in Virginia Beach City Public Schools. On the third day of enrollment, the student’s home school is notified of the student’s official enrollment at the VBJDC. All students are expected to attend classes regularly. They are graded on their work and participation in all classes. Once the student is discharged from the VBJDC, they are withdrawn from the Education Program and their grades are transferred back to their home school.


Virginia Beach Juvenile Detention Center Education Program Objectives

The Juvenile Detention Center Education Program objectives are as follows:

  • Provide a quality education for each student in residence.
  • Continue identified instructional objectives for each student in residence at VBJDC.
  • Provide a “seamless” instructional transition for students entering and exiting the VBJDC.
  • Provide training for the faculty and staff in support of the Education Program.

Education Services

The VBJDC Education Program follows Virginia Beach City Public Schools' standard school year calendar. The school day begins at 8:15 a.m. and ends at 2:30 p.m. Students are enrolled in a Summer Enrichment Program from the last day of school until June 30 and from August 1 through the third week in August. Virginia SOL tests are administered during the Fall and Spring of each school year. The VBJDC Education Program is funded by the Virginia Department of Education and managed by Virginia Beach City Public Schools.

By Virginia State Law, a Re-Enrollment Plan is written by the Student Support Specialist assigned to each student enrolled in the Education Program for 30 days or more. The Re-Enrollment Plan is delivered to each student's home school and used as a transition component to help in the effective move of a student from the VBJDC back to their home school setting. Once the student has returned to their home school, a home school personnel may be assigned to meet with the student for up to 9 weeks to help students transition back to a regular school setting.


All classes offered at the VBJDC Education Program follow the Virginia Beach City Public Schools' curriculum and SOL pacing charts. Subjects offered are as follows:

  • Middle School - 6th, 7th, and 8th grade core subjects
  • English - 9, 10, 11, 12, and English Honors
  • Math - Algebra I (part 1 and part 2), Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra II/Trig, Discrete Math, Probability and statistics, Math Analysis, Algebra Lab, Personal Finance
  • Science - Earth Science, Biology, Oceanography, Physics, Chemistry (no lab), Astronomy
  • Social Studies - World Geography, World History & Geography (I & II), VA/US History, VA/US Government
  • Physical Education/Health - 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Business, Marketing, Keyboarding, Independent Study, Economics/Finance, Desktop & Multimedia, Financial Management
  • Parenting & Child Development, Resource Management for Independent Living, Transition Support, Effective Reading
  • Art Foundations, Art Appreciation
  • Music Appreciation, Music Theory I, Music Theory II, Theater Appreciation
  • GED/ISAEP Program

Other Courses Offered

  • Gradpoint online HS classes (as needed)
  • College Board/College Now online college courses
  • Independent collaboration with home school
  • Communications Technology Program, Computer and Communications Technology, Various levels of coding courses
  • Reading & Math Remediation (STAR)
  • Special Education/Inclusion classes/IEP
  • Life Skills/Character Education
  • Summer Enrichment Program

Juvenile Detention Center Education Program Staff

Principal - Charles Foster

Office Associate - Dawn Cusic

Student Support Specialist - Barbara Leopold

Special Education - Windee McCullin

Special Education - Ruth Reynolds

Business/ISAEP - Virginia Passaris

English - Alicia Myrick

Health & PE - Jeff McGowan

Literacy/Math Remediation - Lynn Sykes

Math - John Mason

Science - Michelle Neaves

Social Studies - Guy Barnes

Technology - Michelle Collins

For additional information please call the Virginia Beach Juvenile Detention Center Education Program at 757.263.1203 or email Barbara Leopold.