Online Courses & Registration

Summer School Courses & Registration

What should I know about online summer school classes?

Online classes during summer school have some special features and requirements. Read about these considerations before you register.

How do I register and pay for an online summer school course?

Online PaymentsPlease click the button at left to get to the online registration and payment site beginning May 1, 2019, at noon. You will log in using an existing RevTrak account or create an account and respond to all questions to register for an online course (you will need the student’s VBCPS Student ID number). After answering fee payment questions, check out and print the receipt.

Most families choose to pay the tuition for online classes using a credit card on the online registration and payment site. Those unable to pay by credit card online must make payment in person within five days by cash, check or money order at the Instructional Resource Center at Plaza Annex, 641 Carriage Hill Rd. Virginia Beach, VA 23452, Room 33, during regular business hours (8 a.m.-3:30 p.m.). Students are not officially registered until payment has been received. If you have not paid within five days, your registration will be voided.

What are the dates of the online course offerings for Summer School 2019?

Our calendar matches the calendar for face-to-face summer school classes. All online courses begin on June 25, 2019, and end on August 13, 2019. All online summer school courses are considered to be year-long, meaning that they last the entire summer school term, usually from mid-June until early August. Even if you are taking an online summer school course for credit recovery, the class lasts the entire summer school term.

What are the unique meeting requirements for Online Health and PE courses during summer school?

Our Summer School HPE FAQ will provide the information you need to decide if these courses are a good option during the summer.

What online courses will be offered during Summer School 2019?

Course Name Discipline Eligibility

NOTE: Summer School online courses, including when taken for Credit Recovery, run the entire 7-week summer session.

Online Geometry Math Students who have successfully completed Algebra 1 Parts 1 and 2, or Algebra 1 Honors
Online Algebra 1 Math Students who have successfully completed Math 8
Online Algebra 2/Trigonometry Math Students who have successfully completed Geometry Honors (Note: Students cannot receive credit for both Algebra 2/Trigonometry and Algebra 2.)
Online Astronomy Science Rising 11th-12th graders who have successfully completed Earth Science and Geometry
Online Biology Science Rising 9th-12th-grade students
Online Earth Science Science Rising 9th-12th-grade students
Online Oceanography Science Rising 10th-12th graders who have successfully completed Earth Science
Online English 9 English Rising 9th-grade students who passed the previous year’s English.
Online English 10 English Rising 10th-grade students who passed the previous year’s English
Online English 11 English Rising 11th-grade students who passed the previous year’s English
Online English 12 English Rising 12th-grade students who passed the previous year’s English
Online Health and PE 1 HPE Rising 9th-grade students; rising 10th- through 12th-grade students seeking credit recovery.
Online Health and PE 2 HPE Rising 10th-grade students; rising 11th- through 12th grade students seeking credit recovery
Online Economics and Personal Finance Social Studies Rising 10th-grade students and above; course includes a required W!SE Financial Literacy Certification test
Online VA and US Government Social Studies 12th-grade high school students or those seeking credit recovery
Online VA and US History Social Studies Rising 11th-grade students or those seeking credit recovery

How much will an online summer school class cost?

The cost of an online course is the same as a face-to-face summer school course: $300. Students who have a completed free/reduced meal form on file and have been determined eligible for reduced price or free meals during the regular school year are eligible to receive reduced summer school tuition in all high school summer programs except enrichment programs. The chart below lists the tuition rates for each level of meal status qualification. Please note: no meals are served during summer school.

NOTE: Free/reduced meal applications must be filed at the student’s home school by the last day of the current school year. If you are unsure of your child’s lunch price eligibility status, please contact your child’s home school or Food Services (263-1101).

Meal Cost
Eligibility Level
Summer School Cost for
Full-year Courses
Level 1
(full cost meal)
Level II
(reduced cost meal)
Level III
(free meal)

Is it possible to withdraw from an online class and get a refund of the summer school tuition?

A refund is available only if you withdraw before the first day of class. Requests for refunds must be made by e-mail. Because teachers must be hired in advance, no refunds will be honored after that date.

Have a question about online learning? Please call 757.263.6850 or e-mail.