Follow us on Twitter!Welcome! Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) offers gifted education services at all levels through a combination of school-based options and citywide programs. Through a variety of experiences, gifted students engage in rigorous learning opportunities through differentiated instruction that is responsive to the academic, social and emotional needs of the student.

VBCPS identifies students in the areas of:

  • General Intellectual Aptitude (advanced aptitudes demonstrated by skills and creative expression in general intellectual ability); and
  • Visual and Performing Arts Aptitude (specific aptitudes in selected visual or performing arts demonstrated by skills and creative expression and excelling consistently in the development of a product or performance in any of the visual and/or performing arts).

Informational Parent Video: How to Apply for Gifted Services

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Culturally Responsive Practices in the Gifted Cluster Classroom

Gifted programs in action. VBCPS Spotlight on the Gifted experienceVirginia Beach City Public Schools employs a focus on equitable representation of students and diversity while creating learning environments in which gifted students of all backgrounds can thrive. The 2020-2025 Local Plan for the Education of the Gifted establishes processes and procedures that are inclusive of students with diverse abilities, beliefs, and cultures during the identification and education of gifted students. The Office of Gifted Programs maintains an emphasis on embedding culturally- conscious processes and activities in each area of this plan. For further information, please visit:

For more information about gifted services visit the gifted education webpages for your student below: