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Reading Bus Site Directions

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The Reading Bus is an exciting and safe place for children, ages 2 - 5, years and their parents to participate in a wide selection of interactive reading activities. The following questions and answers will help you learn more about the Reading Bus. We look forward to reading with you and your child on board the Reading Bus! When schools are closed due to inclement weather or emergency situations, the Reading Bus will not be in operation.

What is the Reading Bus?

The Reading Bus is stocked with hundreds of volumes of books and fun activities. Its main purpose is to promote reading readiness to preschool children ages 2 - 5 years as it travels to various Virginia Beach communities. Parents board the bus and take part in Reading Bus activities.

What communities will the Reading Bus visit?

The Reading Bus is scheduled to visit a wide selection of Virginia Beach communities on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:30 a.m. to noon. The bus will visit each site, twice each month, for approximately 45 minutes. The most current schedule is posted at the top of this page.

Why is parental involvement so important?

Parental involvement on the Reading Bus will help create a foundation of reading skills, preparing each child for the challenges of school. Parents are encouraged to step on board the Reading Bus and spend time with their child as they are introduced to a variety of activities associated with basic reading skills.

What type of reading activities will occur on the Reading Bus?

Once on board the bus, preschoolers will be introduced to an assortment of stimulating and enjoyable activities designed to encourage reading as a life-long skill. Each month, a unique reading activity will be introduced to preschoolers. These reading activities focus around a specific theme. Every book, poem, and nursery rhyme on the Reading Bus has an associated activity designed to make reading a fun and stimulating activity. Children and their parents will participate in a variety of hands-on activities using puppets, blocks, puzzles, and music.

Who will staff the Reading Bus?

The Reading Bus is staffed with two teachers committed to working with preschoolers and their parents to support reading as an important part of their child's life. These teachers will work with parents to help foster an early appreciation of reading for their preschooler.

Who can I contact for further information?

For further information on the Reading Bus, please call the Department of Teaching and Learning at 757.263.1450 or email Laura Silverman.


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