School Board

School Board Mrs. Beverly M. Anderson
School Board Mr. Joel A. McDonald
Vice Chair
District 3 - Rose Hall

School Board
Mr. Daniel D. "Dan"

District 2 - Kempsville

School Board
Mrs. Sharon R. Felton
District 6 - Beach

School Board
Mrs. Dorothy M. "Dottie"


School Board
Mrs. Victoria C. Manning

School Board
Mrs. Ashley K. McLeod

School Board
Mrs. Kimberly A. Melnyk
District 7 - Princess Anne

School Board
Ms. Trenace B. Riggs
District 1 - Centerville

School Board
Mrs. Carolyn T. Rye
District 5 - Lynnhaven

School Board
Mrs. Carolyn D. Weems
District 4 - Bayside

Overview of the School Board

In accordance with the Constitution of Virginia, Article 8, Section 7, the School Board of the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia is responsible for the supervision of all public schools in the city. All eleven members of the School Board are elected in accordance with the Charter of the City of Virginia Beach and serve four year terms. Each year the School Board Members appoint a Chairman and Vice Chairman from among the eleven members. School Board Members are compensated in accordance with School Board By-laws. The general powers and duties of the School Board derive from both the Constitution of Virginia and the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, and School Board By-laws.

The School Board meets in open session throughout the year on a schedule adopted and published prior to each fiscal year. School Board meetings are open to the public unless the School Board specifically votes to go into closed session to discuss certain matters. Members of the public may address the School Board on both non-agenda items and agenda items. Further information on addressing the School Board during meetings can be found in Appendix B of the School Board By-laws and on this site. School Board Meetings are also televised on VBTV Cox Channel 47 and the current agenda and meeting minutes can be found on the School Division’s website.

School Board Meeting Schedule

  • July 10, 2018 Retreat/Regular
  • August 14 & 28, 2018 Regular
  • September 11 & 25, 2018 Regular
  • October 9 & 23, 2018 Regular
  • November 13 & 27, 2018 Regular
  • December 11, 2018 Regular
  • January 8 Org/Reg & 22, 2019 Regular
  • February 5, 2019 Special - SEON/CIP Presentation
  • February 12 & 26, 2019 Regular
  • February 19, 2019 Budget/CIP Workshop
  • March 5, 2019 Special - Budget/CIP Adoption
  • March 12 & 26, 2019 Regular
  • April 9 & 30, 2019 Regular
  • May 14 & 28, 2019 Regular
  • June 10 & 25, 2019 Regular


School Board Members as Guest Speakers

School Board members are available as guest speakers for civic groups and organizations. If you would like to request a School Board member to speak at your next meeting, contact the clerk of the School Board at 757.263.1016 or email Dianne Alexander.


Clerk of the Board

The clerk of the School Board is elected by the School Board upon recommendation of the superintendent and serves a one-year term beginning July 1 of each year. The clerk serves as the official recorder of business transacted at all School Board meetings and has the responsibility of preparing and maintaining the minutes of the proceedings. Currently, the clerk of the Board is Dianne Alexander.